Seton Medical Center is distinguished in the region for technologically advanced surgical innovation. Highly skilled in their areas of expertise, Seton Medical Center surgeons are passionate in their pursuit of optimal patient outcomes.
Surgical Services
Seton Medical Center – First Floor
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Monday – Friday | 8 am – 5 pm
Outpatient Surgery Center
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Advanced, minimally invasive surgical procedures that address a range of diseases and disorders – from laparoscopic repair of hernias to removal of solid tumors – are performed in specially equipped surgical suites.

Seton Medical Center has an advanced da Vinci surgical robot that is used by specially trained surgeons for many types of complex and delicate cardiovascular, urological and gynecologic disorders.

Minimally invasive surgery offers:

  • smaller incisions
  • minimal scarring
  • less pain
  • shorter hospital stays
  • less risk of wound infections
  • less blood less
  • faster recovery

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Ensuring your safety during surgery

You can play an important role in the helping to ensure your safety during surgery by following these key steps.
  • Understanding the Consent Form. You should review the information in the Consent Form carefully before signing it. If you are unsure about any of the information, ask your nurse or doctor.
  • Know what’s being done. You should know the name of the surgery you are having and the place on your body that is being operated on (this will be marked on your body by the surgeon).
  • Confirming the information. Along with confirming your identity, your surgical nurse will confirm the site of the operation and the name of the procedure.

Before your surgery begins, members of your surgical team will take these important steps to help ensure your safety:

  • Communication among the team. Before the surgery begins, your nurse will reiterate once again with the surgery team information about the site of your operation, the name of the procedure you are having, and any allergies you have.
  • Team takes a time out. The surgery team will take a time out before the surgery starts to discuss your case and any specific considerations as well as to conduct a final check to ensure all the equipment and supplies they need are readily available.

Some additional, general steps to help ensure your safety:

  • Ask if you have questions.Feel comfortable with your caregivers to ask questions or express concerns.
  • Keep all caregivers informed..Make sure that all your caregivers have your important health information, such as a complete list of the medications you are taking.